Club Bylaw Options

So what exactly will we be voting on at the Organizational Meeting?

Kiwanis Club Bylaws must follow a “Standard Form” set by the Kiwanis International Board.  Within this form, there are several “Mandatory Policies” that we will approve at the Organizational Meeting.  Below are the most important options:

Club Dues and Fees

We will officially set the currency, annual dues amount, and new member enrollment fee amount.  These can be changed in the future by a vote of the club membership.

Will’s Proposal: Annual dues of $120 (includes all Kiwanis Dues and Fees + $19 for club expenses) and a New Member Enrollment Fee of $56 (exactly what is charged by Kiwanis International).  These amounts will be reduced for Key Club and Circle K alumni by the SLP Dues Waiver.

Vice Presidents

We can have as many offices of Vice President as we choose.  Vice Presidents fall in the line of succession after the President and President-Elect.  Many Kiwanis Clubs are beginning to eliminate this position, as it makes serving as President a four-year commitment (Vice President, President-Elect, President, and then Immediate Past President).

Will’s Proposal: 0 Vice Presidents.


Directors serve as members of the board, and may have specific duties as assigned by the President.  We can have as many directors as we want with a minimum of 3.  It’s recommend that Directors have overlapping terms so that the entire board doesn’t turn over in the same year.

Will’s Proposal: 4 Directors, each with a 2-year term.  Two Directors will be elected in even years, and two in odd years.  These individuals will likely also serve duties as Club Committee Chairs or Committee members.  As our club grows larger, we can vote to increase the number of Directors.

Club Secretary

The secretary may either be elected by the membership or appointed by the president.  This position is one of the busiest, so many Kiwanis Clubs designate that the President appoints the Secretary to make sure that the President chooses someone who is organized and works well with the President.

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